Look good -feel good  College Healthy Living

Look good -feel good College Healthy Living

Why is breakfast the most important meal??

I Promise, eating healthy is not that boring

Take a break from school, and go for a run!

I used to have a pretty thoughtless and no-frills workout uniform: black sweats and an old t-shirt. My reasoning was that there was no point in dressing up when I was just going to get gross and sweaty. I have since learned that putting a little more thought into what I wear while working out actually motivates me to get fit.

Because of an awesome sale, I got myself a pretty good-looking pair of Nikes. Almost immediately I scheduled a running date with a friend just so I could break those babies in. Im not sure why it never occurred to me before those Nikes that cute workout gear might excite me in the same way a new dress does. Now I make a point to look for colorful sneaks and cute graphic tees, as well as flattering yoga pants. I also have a collection of bright hoodies that I use as cover-ups after yoga class or to keep warm on an evening bike ride. Best of all, a lot of active wear lines are making great looking clothes that also have practical features like moisture wicking or sun protection.

Im not suggesting to throw down a ton of money on clothes and gear or to show up at the gym with a face full of make-up. But wearing workout gear that expresses my style and personality helps make me feel more confident and cute, and as a result, I want to work out.

Confidence while working out can easily motivate you to do better, when I get a new outfit feel more motivated when I get out and wear. Design brands such as LuLuLemon, under armor, and Nike could get expensive, so going to stores such as Kohl’s, Marshalls, and TJ Max, has nice clothes as well. There is an inexpensive way to stay looking good.

Another popular place that everyone enjoys shopping at for good places is Target. Target has the hookup. Unfortunately I feel like I was the last person to figure this out, but they’ve got the hookup. They carry the C9 line from Champion, which is basically off-brand “Champion product. Consider this Champion’s efforts to get money from those of us not willing to pay the prices for the “on brand” product, and by selling C9 at a huge store like Target they can still make money and avoid advertising for it. Target also doubles down on this by offering lots of the products on clearance – moisture-wicking tees for about $5 a pop, sports bras in out-of-season colors. Most important, I found the best deals on sport bras there. They’re actually pretty decent quality for those of us lacking in the racks on racks on racks department. Not to mention, sizes go up to 3X for these in terms of shirts, pants and jackets.

This website gives you good ideas of what you will find shopping at Kohl’s:


This website help the best 5 places of where to find cheap workout clothes:


You can use Pinterest to find some cute outfits to put together while shopping:




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